?uestions: Digital Humanities and Speculative Digital Rhetoric

Alexander Reid “Digital Humanities Now and the Possibilities of a Speculative Rhetoric”

He writes, “[human symbolic behavior] has always dealt with the problems and opportunities that nonhumans-technologies in particular- pose for communication. That is, rhetoric has always recognized that symbolic behavior cannot be simply human” (18).

What, then, is communication? Is a curb communication? Certainly, the curb says to the driver of the car, “Don’t drive on me,” the walker “Step over me.” So then is this considered non-verbal communication? If so, should it be expressed as non-verbal communication? Or do we consider all forms of communication? (Does it matter? I think so). Should we then be thinking of technology and our interpretation of technology as communication? Are the interworkings of our minds, then, a form of communication? But then what is the difference of a walking over a curb in the city or a small rock in nature? Does man-made or nature-made distinguish between technology? Is the rock technology? Am I asking too many questions?